Smiling wife.

Inspired by a blog I read (can’t remember which), I challenged myself to smile more often to my beloved husband. Not that I usually cranky, but just to smile more. Smile brings positive vibes and certainly makes people (and ourselves) happy, too. Right?

So.. I started looking for something I can remember to make me smile. It’s harder for me to smile when I’m tired or not in the good mood. I thought I have to think of something funny so I can maintain the smiling monalisa.

This is weird, but my ‘excuse’ to laugh is to think about my husband’s ex girlfriend, hahaha. Well, he had never actually told me about her. All I know is that she’s 14 older than him. I know they were in serious relationship, though. I once found a book from her for my husband (it has some pretty words with her sign on it). That was when I first knew her full name and straight away googled her, haha… (I know my husband doesn’t read this blog, maybe someday but who cares 😚). She’s beautiful, maybe even prettier than me in terms of physical appearance and the way she took care of her glowing skin and all that. No wonder, a young man would fall in love with her. But strangely I don’t envy her. Instead, I thought it’s funny how my husband could be in a relationship with such a mature woman. I imagined, had they been together now… They would look like mom and son, hehe. Am I evil or what?? But, everytime I think of it, I laughed so hard. Sometimes I laughed harder because I think I am too crazy to think of something like that. 

Anyway, the smiling challenge works well. I smile more often. I always smile when I look at him. I smile when we talk. I smile when I tell him to help around. I smile when he helps around the house. He felt more appreciated. He felt loved. And a lot of times, the smiles bring not only positive vibe but more intimate moment. We’re a couple who love cuddling already, but with that smiling therapy… We stop by each other more often just to hug or to simply look at each other’s face.

We want to continue doing this.

Oh… He doesn’t know, though, sometimes I smile for all the wrong reason, hahaha. 

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