Week 1. Meet my best friend(s).

According to this definition, a best friend is

A person who you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust and someone in whom you confide.

Uhm… This is a challenge since I don’t know if I have any best friend currently. Sad, I know 😂.

I had several best friends during my childhood and teenage. I remember hanging out all the time after school with Ira in primary school. We always walked home together. My house was further than hers so I would stop a little and ask a glass of water before I continued my journey… Well, a journey to my house that can be reached within 5 more minutes 😄. We spent times doing school projects, skipping rubber rope, playing jump-hop-jump, or just talking. We didn’t have much problems to whine at the time, so I guess our conversations were generally about friends at school, teachers, homework, those kinda stuff. I can’t even remember if I had a crush at that age.

I moved to Melbourne when I was in grade 6. Ira and I exchanged letters sometimes, but we stopped writing each other by the time we entered junior high school. You know, school was getting busier. You had new friends. I guess from that on, we were no longer best friend. We’re still friends until now, though. Just not best friend.

My best friend during my difficult time in Melbourne was Qiaoyan. She’s Chinese. I spoke no English at the time… And got bullied all the time because of that, of course. So, Qiaoyan was the only kind and helpful person. But then, I entered different high school that made communication no longer regular. Plus, not long after that, I had to return home, to Indonesia. I’ve never heard from Qiaoyan again ever since.

In junior high, I began to gang up…haha. I mean, I tend to have a group of close friends. In the third year, we had a gang of eight people; Kinta, Eka, Reni, Agung, Johan, Khadafi, Puput, and me. We were partners both in crimes and non crimes. Mostly in non crimes, really, since the girls were mostly momma’s kids with great grade 😄.

Our friendship faded away as we went on with lives. Kinta, Johan, Khadafi, Agung moved to Jakarta. Reni and Puput went to different school. Eka and I were in the same school but different classes. I was in a special class that applied tight schedule full day, so I didn’t really have time to hang out with other kids from other classes. So, yes… new best friends were from the same class. We were called D’Six. There were six of us at first, plus two additions later on, but the nick name remains. Other students also identified D’Six as Devil Six…haha. These are friends I attached more than any others. Even until now, they’re the ones I hang out with.

However… I rarely talk about personal stuff to my group of close friends. We only meet once a month, for about circa 2-3 hours max, so you wouldn’t wanna mess up with the so-called ‘curhat’. You tend to share some nice stories, catching up with their news and all that. I have fun with them. I value them more than any other friends. But I guess I am not very confident when it comes to sharing feelings to them.


Friends forever :). Six of us, minus two others who couldn’t make it to the monthly meet up.

The only person I can fully trust, and I am confide with, is my husband. To him, I can fully be myself. He knows how an asshole I can be sometimes, he knows how wise I can be all the time (yeah right 😇), he even feels and knows what to do when I am on my moodiest mode. I tell him (almost) everything. So… Maybe I can say that my husband is my true best friend. I don’t even know who to go to if I have problems with this man, hehe. Oh wait, he’s my best friend. I can just straight away point it out at him 😍.


My best friend. Through thick and thin. Till jannah, amien.

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  1. I currently have no best friends either. The picture of you and your friends in your monthly meeting put a smile on my face. It’s wonderful that most of you get to meet and have fun. This is what counts, I guess. 😊

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