Week 2. My favourite things.

I am on my way back to Banda Aceh. Have half an hour before boarding, so I thought I follow up my 52 week blog challenge, which was inspired by Britt’s Daily Dose and her friend.

So week two… My fave things!!

1. Alanis Morissette 😍😍.

My all time fave female artist.

I started listening to Alanis in 1995 when Jagged Little Pill was very popular. Head over feet, hands in my pocket, you learn, perfect… I love all songs in the album. My sister got the cassette (yeah, that was still the cassette era 😄) from her boyfriend and I got the privilege to play it, of course, plus memorize all the lyrics. I started buying and collecting Alanis’ CDs in high school. That was when Under Rug Swept was out and Hands Clean was on every music charts. Since then, I have the So called chaos, feast on scraps, flavors of entanglement, and havoc and bright lights. I even rebought Jagged little pill and supposed former infatuation junkie.  

What I love most about Alanis is her lyrics. Of course I didn’t have any idea what the lyrics were about when I was younger, but as I passed my teen years, I had quite a connection with her lyrics. I felt like she spoke of my life like she had experienced it before (I know I know, this is exaggerating 😆, but…). I also enriched my english vocabularies and phrases through her lyrics. I would look in the dictionary for the meaning of words or phrases I didn’t know. I always think that Alanis uses language in interesting and unusual ways, very innovative. Including stuffs she writes in her blog, too. I’ll quote her to express how I feel about my favourite female artist 😍.

Expressed women shall lead all cavalries to the truth and the narrow of life. And if not that, they will warm you with their velvet voices and soulful cries. And if not that, they will make you think. And feel. And surrender. And if not that, they will make you weep for their beauty. 

2. Melbourne.

I probably spent most of my time in Melbourne, here in Sydney Rd. From biking to uni, walking to the park, shopping groceries, taking trams to everywhere, or just hanging out at beautiful cafes in the surrounding.

I like Melbourne. I was 11 yo when I first went to the city. My dad studied there and we lived in Melbourne for two years. I had nice memories of life in there, despite the fact that I was bullied a lot in primary school. Since our return to Indonesia, I had always wished to go back.

I had the opportunity to live again in Melbourne for graduate school. Same as before, for two years. I love the city. I love the crowds in Swanston st, in the Fed square. I love the tranquil beaches in the outskirt area of Victoria. I love the large pedestrian way everywhere. I love the beautiful parks which you can find almost anywhere. I especially love my neighbourhood in Moreland, Coburg 😄. Again… I enjoyed Melbourne so much I want to go back and live there for the third time. Maybe for a PhD??  😁. Ameen to that.

3. Lasagne.

Imho, the best lasagne is the ones with classic italian sauce ‘succo pomodoro fatta in casa’ 😍

Lasagne is absolutely delicious. But the best lasagne I’ve ever eaten was the ones made by mia mamma Italiana and by Adriana, my chaperone during my AFS experience in Italy. They made it with succo di pomodoro, italian classic tomato sauce, using different kind of cheeses. I’ve tried lasagne in different places but I just can’t compare them with mamma’s or Adriana’s lasagne. They’re just too good that imagining them right now made me salivating.

I think I have to ask them for the special recipe. Uhm, that never crossed in my mind before, haha. Uh well, I don’t really cook…so, yeah… Maybe I just have to save up some money to go back to Sardegna :).


It’s boarding time. Week 2 is done 😁.

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