Week 4. Top 5 places I’d like to visit.

I tried not to miss week 4, but we were on family road trip for almost a week. It was a family vacation, so I didn’t really work on anything including blogging 😁. 

Okay, here we go, top 5 places I’d like to visit.
1. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Pilgrimage in Mecca. 

Obviously, this is a religious pilgrimage for Muslims around the world. We have to do it at least once in our lifetime if we’re physically and financially capable. Well, I am physically fit but not yet financially 😮. My husband and I are saving money to register for Hajj, hopefully next year. Here in Indonesia, once you’ve registered, you still have to wait in line, for about 5-8 years, to go Hajj. Yes… That long 😥. Except, of course, you could cut the waiting line up to 5 years by paying triple of the amount needed for regular Hajj. Which… Apparently is not our option, hehe.   

Anyway, you can learn some facts about Hajj in here.

2. Oliena (NU), Sardegna, Italia

Oliena, a beautiful village near to Nuoro. My so called second home 🙂

I had been there in 2001-2002 for an exchange program where I stayed with a warm and tolerant family, la famiglia Fele. I went to school at the nearest town, Nuoro, 20 minutes by bus from Oliena. I had good memories in here. Good friends, very nice family, friendliest AFS volunteers… Overall a really great experience. 

I have always wished to go back there to visit my host family since the very first day I returned to Indonesia. So, yes… As soon as I discharge the religious pilgrim mandatory, my next goal is to pay a visit to Sardegna 😄. Visiting my family.

3. Malang, Indonesia

People would think that this is the most possible destination I can reach in the near future since it’s located in Java, Indonesia.

Well, yes it’s in the same country. But Sumatra and Java are pretty far away. The place where I live is a lot closer to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, haha. So, it’s quite a challenge to go to Malang. 

I left half of my heart there. The breezing city i have always missed 😄. Malang.

I spent 5 years living in Malang as a university student. I love the city… It’s an okay size city, not too crowd but dense enough. The weather is cool, mostly in the early morning. I always remember how cold it was during my first days in Malang, when I had to rush myself going to the orientation ‘massacre’ program at uni, every day for almost a month. The city is full of memories :). College life stories, love stories… Lots of laughs and tears in here. 

Every streets in Malang will bring a nostalgic feeling.  So, I’d love to visit the city again, to do some nostalgic walks, hehe. I miss my friends in Malang, too. I love to meet them again, dearly.

4. Turkey

For no particular reason, I have always wanted to visit Turkey. Anywhere in Turkey. I guess it’s more because I like history and Turkey was a crossroad for many civilizations. One of the oldest urban settlements was there. The Greeks, Byzantines, the Romans, the Ottomans had all set foot in Turkey. Not to mention the arts and cuisines… Uhm, let’s go to Turkey 😁. 

5. Nordic countries

I guess I am interested in Nordic countries due to my unfamiliarity towards them. I want to experience a completely different feel to what I usually have in here, the tropical country of Indonesia. The super cold weather, the super white people, the super different taste of food, the contrast landscapes I could never see here in the equator… Everything unusual to my eyes I would expect to see there.


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