Week 10. Oh to win a million dollars.

This is one thing hubby and I often discuss during our pillow talk, haha. Dream this, dream that, want this and that… then laugh together 😄.

As per our discussion, we realize that a million dollars is actually not that many. If we convert a million dollars into Indonesian rupiah, it would be around IDR 10 billions. If you spend it for a nice big luxurious house, a million dollars would just be gone in a second. 

However, we can spend it wisely 😁. Here are some priorities if we have a million dollars aka 10 billion rupiahs.

1. Donate first. One way to purify yourself from greed for wealth, according to Islamic teaching, is by donating to those in needs. The standard is 2,5% of the money you have, but in this case, 10% won’t hurt anyone 😄.

2. Investment. Save first before you spend, right? We usually save about 10% of our monthly income. We prefer to save in the form of mutual funds (Sharia based), just to make sure the savings fight inflation. Another form of investment we wish to do is real business. Both of us plan to work independently in the near future. I want to build my own planning consultant and hubby desires to start his public notary office. With one million dollars surely the plan would work well 😁. Maybe around 20% of the dollars worth to be allocated for these.

3. Pay debts. Islam takes debt very seriously, warns against it, and urges Muslims to avoid it as much as possible. We were aware of this but we thought we wouldn’t be able to own a house without bank loans. So, at the time we decided to choose sharia based bank, to make sure our debts are still on the sharia corridor. However, we are quite more knowledgeable about this now, that debts are debts anyway. If we have the money, we will surely clean up this mess. We’ve been paying fixed rate (part of sharia requirements is that it should be flat rate, no interest, no additional fees) for our debts monthly for 4 years now. We miss 11 more years :o:o. Around 5% of the dollars needed to wash this away.

4. We’d love to upgrade the house into a two-storeys house with nice furnitures… Haha. Plus, maybe upgrade our car. Oh my God, I was just writing about purifying ourself from greed on number 1 but now I want to upgrade wealth. Human greed, ckckck. Now we know how it feels to be rich, eh? Well, I feel it’s still fair to upgrade the house since it only consists of two bedrooms now. We always plan to add another room, just in case we have another kid(s) or simply for any guest to sleep in. And the car? We have an Altis 2002. It’s fair to change it with something more current, isn’t it? Hehe… So, 10% more goes to these so called basic needs.

5. Since we dated, hubby has always wished to provide free ambulances (especially for funeral services) for people. Later when we already got married, we often talked about how poor the current services provided for orphans and person with disabilities are. It would be great if we can contribute something to improve. Something like building a school with good facilities and environment for them. A service like this needs maintenance, therefore more of the dollars needed.

6. Travel. Of course!! Haha. I’d love to check all the bucket list in here.

7. What else? I’m running out of ideas already. Ckckck… This is what happen when you normally need to save instead of spending the money :mrgreen:. Uhm, maybe the rest would go into school fund for kiddos, treat my parents and family (some vacations together would be great), more charities, and more travels.

Daydreaming done.

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