Week 34. Meet my pets.

I decided to jump to the current week of 2017. Haha… I have to admit that I fail the 52 blog challenge 😥😥. 

So… week 34.

I don’t have any pet. I don’t like pet of any kind. Not that I am heartless. It’s just I had bad experience with pet.

We had a cat at home when I was little. I was very close with the cat I would sleep with the cute little creature. We were always together. Until… It scratched my back when I was having breakfast. 

Dog? I am afraid of dog. Haha. Our family had a dog before and I was fine with it. Not after the exhausting experience I had with dogs. I was walking in front of my school when I saw a group of dogs sitting peacefully in the school’s yard. I thought they would do no harm. I was super wrong. They started barking as I stepped onto the school’s gate and chased me. I spontaneously ran and ran and ran away. They were so close I thought I would die. Then I suddenly stopped because I was very tired. I gave up and kneeled down. Surprisingly the dogs also stopped. Maybe they thought I was going to pick some stones, I wasn’t sure. A teacher came out from a classroom and saved me. It was during non school hours btw, that was why nobody noticed I was being chased.

So, yeah… I always try to avoid dog as possible as I can. The phobia had reduced a bit when I lived in Australia where dogs are very common in the street. But to have it as a pet? No, thanks.

Week 16. My biggest fashion accessories.

Haa… This one is easy 😁. Because I rarely wear accessories. Not even my wedding ring as I am allergic to metal, including gold.

The only accessory I wear is my watch. That’s it. No earrings, no necklace, no rings. Oh, I wear brooch just to pin my headscarf. 

So, two. A watch on my left hand and a brooch on my chest to pin the veil.

Week 15. Time management.

I am not a very organized person. See how I handle my 52 week blog challenge? 😂😂. Not proud!!

I am not that busy as well. I just have to admit that I don’t have a good time management. I wish I’d be better with this.

In order to arrange time wisely, I have to understand my roles in life, haha. First of all, I am a wife, which means I have to spare my time with my husband to build a stronger and more firm relationship. Then, I am a mother of my son. He’s still a toddler and doesn’t go to school yet, so most of my time is dedicated to this little person. Although I have my own little family, I am also a daughter. I do have to spare some times for my family, especially as mom and dad are getting older. Plus, I am also a human who needs to fulfil my existence. I want to work, I want to volunteer, I want to hang out with friends, I want to seek and share knowledge, and sometimes I want (need) to be alone. 

How to manage that? Uhmm… I don’t care, really. Hahahaha. Most of the time I just let my day go with the flow. Of course I make plans but I don’t really let myself frustrated if any of the plans failed or unfinished. I simply ask for an extension 😁. I am not a CEO or anything, so nobody cares anyway. 

However, I have priorities which, obviously, are my family and home stuffs. Everything else are just the small things I am trying to fit in between the big important things. 

Anyway, here is my tipical day…

 1. Wake up at 5.30am (or around 5ish) to pray shubuh and read Quran. I usually open my laptop after that, to work a little before the sun rises. Sometimes I put on early alarm, around 3ish am when I am closer to deadline, to work. Once in two days, I go out for my morning jog. When it’s not jogging time, I continue working until 7.30am :mrgreen:. That’s about the same time I would finish my 3-5km run.

2. I cook for more or less an hour, which includes cooking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner altogether, haha. I prepare light breakfast such as bread, fried rice, fried noodle, or roasted potatoes and chickens (light, for Indonesians 😜). I immediately start cooking after breakfast with the family. When I don’t have to go in the morning, sometimes I only prepare for brekkie and cook lunch and dinner later at 11am. 

3. We clean the house while letting K watches TV. I usually put dirty clothes to the washing machine and sweep floors. Hubby would clean the bedroom and mop floors. Our house is tiny so it only takes less than an hour to clean everything 😄. We normally finish the morning ritual at 9am, except in the weekend when our to do list is longer than the usual (includes cleaning bathroom, sweep spiders on the roof, clean water pumps, etc). 

4. Hubby leaves the house for work. I would play with K, do the colouring, drawing, reading, anything he likes. We even go to the library or play ground if we’re too bored at home. If I have to meet people for work, or to attend seminar/workshop, I take K to my sister or mom. If I only have to go to office to report, or other not so important stuff, most of the time I would bring K along. My husband is pretty flexible with times as well, so in case I couldn’t be back at lunch time, he could manage time to take care of K for a bit. 

5. K would nap after lunch, for about two hours. Good time for work 😁. But…sometimes I also take a nap, haha. 

6. K wakes up at around 3.30pm. We bath, we watch TV, while waiting for Abi home (abi=dad). We would go around for sight seing with abi, then. Sight seing in here means riding motorbike around the nearby areas. Sometimes we do grocery shopping during this hours. Often, we go to my parents’ house. Basically, afternoon is free time. I usually arrange meeting with friends, community groups, within this hours. 

7. After Maghrib (sunset) to sleep time, we usually just stay at home. I would iron clothes while watch TV. K would play with abi. 

8. K sleeps at around 9.30pm or 10pm. This is usually a good time to catch up with hubby. When I am not too tired, I would work for about 2-3 hours before sleep. Otherwise, I just sleep right away and work earlier in the morning.

Basically my life revolves around K. I have to schedule things according to his activities. I only spend maybe around 5 to 6 hours for work, working from home. Most of the time, I am a mother and housewife 😁.

Week 14. My favourite book.

Reading has always been a great pleasure for me. I read anything… Even the shallow kind of book like teen lits, haha. However, I don’t really have a particular book to be claimed as favourite.

I have some favourite authors, though. Here are my top three. I would write more, if I have time 😜.

1. Paulo Coelho

I started reading Coelho at high school. My first is The Alchemist. Have you ever heard the phrase, “when you really want something, the universe always conspires in your favour.”? 

His words… Which I love.

Imho, his writings are dreamy, pensive, and insightful. Not just in The Alchemist but in all of his books. The keywords of his fictions are mostly the same; about one’s own destiny, about rising above failure, and about the unity of the universe. I’ve never got tired of reading them, though. I keep on adding more Coelho’s on my book shelves. Zahir, Witch of Portobello, the Winner Stands Alone, Aleph, Eleven Minutes, Bridal, Veronika decides to Die, by the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, the Fifth Mountain, are some that I’ve enjoyed. I still have some of his I haven’t read yet. But, I will :).

2. Haruki Murakami

When I was working as a radio announcer in Malang, a friend recommended me Norwegian Wood of Murakami to read as we listen to Beatles’ Norwegian Wood 😁. He said the book is awesome.

Turned out… Yes, I absolutely loved it. After that book, I follow up with The wind up bird chronicle, Kafka on the shore, After dark Roman, Blind willow sleeping woman, After the quake, and the most recent one I read, the 924 pages of 1Q84… Haha. The longest fiction I’ve read. Amazing I could finish it in between parenting plus working from home hours :mrgreen:.

I love Murakami for his witty writing style; surreal, bittersweet, mysterious and unpredictable. His fictions have things in common (see pic), which I also love. Everytime I read Murakami’s I always could relate the similarity with his other books.

Murakami never fails :mrgreen:. He’s the master of symbolism, all summed up in this bingo chart. Took the pic from http://www.sometimesraw.com/?p=2927

3. Khaled Hosseini

I’ve only read two of his books, which are Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Although I haven’t followed with his other books, I found those two heart wrenchings and heart warming at the same time. I think his writing is so vivid and alive, driving your emotion to the nerve. Both books explore the life of a misfit in a war ravaged in Afghan society. Both books are about love, courage, and humanity. 

Done. Three for now :).


Week 13. My favorite month.

APRIL for sure.

It’s my birthday month. 

We have the best weather in April. Not too hot, not too rainy. Same applies in Australia… It’s autumn in April, a bit cold but not too much. The best is April in Italy, Spring 😁.

April is not mid year. So it’s actually the right time to remind myself of the annual targets. Contemplating on mid year would be too late because half of the year has already gone by.


Week 12. Social media phenomenon.

Unlike my husband who avoids any kind of interactions through social media (he only uses instant messaging applications), I am quite an active social media users. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although active only on those apps, I engage pretty regularly in socmeds. Not that I post everyday, though, haha… I enjoy the likes and comments, the loves, and the attentions. Of course 😁. Plus, I love how we can stay connected with our loved ones, old friends, though we’re far away.

However, thanks to my old fashioned hubby, we limit times for gadget at home. Part of it because we want K to have screen time as less as possible. Then, it’s good for us to have a more quality time together, too. When we go out, we don’t check gadget for every five minutes. Another reason why we don’t really have many pictures together as we tend to enjoy the moment rather than posting it to the socmed. Have you seen people dining in and not looking at each other but staring at phones instead? Then they talk when they want to take selfie or wefie, hehe. I have.. thousand times. And we definitely don’t want to be those kind. 

Sometimes I find socmed annoying, too, especially during the leader election in which people updated their political and religious rants. I actually deleted and unfollowed some annoying friends because of this. I can stand people who updated their not-so-impressive life for every an hour or the cringeworthy photos, but not those who mumbled on politics and become judgemental to the opponents. Hey, I could be one of them, you know, haha.

Really, if you have something to say, please be careful. I know it seems that we have more freedom of speech nowadays but I guess if it might be too sensitive for other people, be mindful. I also have my lesson learnt. I had a bad experience on socmed I become very careful now before posting any protests or negative comments.

So, once upon a time, for a week in a row I attended several sip and see parties thrown by parents who just had baby (we call it aqiqah, here). Apparently, the current trend in my city is to provide pretty and artsy dessert table full of sweets, cookies, and cakes in an event. Just like the usual sugar bars in western weddings or birthdays. However, different to my experience in other places, the dessert tables here were only meant for decoration instead for feeding. There was even a sign to warn guests not to select and sample the cutie stuffs at the instagram friendly table.

At a friend’s house… I, being the logic person who thought food served on the table were supposed to be freely tasted by guests, took a cake and enjoyed it. My friend, the party thrower, gave a surprise look but didn’t say anything. I found out about the sign later when I was about to leave, when i heard a child asked for a cookie on it and the mom said “No, see the sign, we can eat other cakes, okay?”. I thought, o my God…hahaha. I just ate one. No wonder the table was still full…haha.

All right. Until… I posted my opinion about the weird phenomena of acehneses’ not-for-guests-dessert table on facebook three days after I attended the last sip and see party (I didn’t mention any names, just general). I didn’t mean to hurt my friend’s feeling, of course, but i guessed she was irritated by the status. She left comments on it, but then the status became crowded with negative comments, by my other friends unmutual with this particular friend of mine, towards the unusual dessert table’s function 😅. Honestly, I am very much in accordance with the comments 😂… but I also realized that I was being insensitive to my dear friend, she’s one of my closest friends in high school. I didn’t want to loose a friend, so I quickly deleted the post (to avoid more negative and sarcastic comments coming) and sent her a sorry message. She didn’t reply, indicating she was hurt, for sure.
From there on, I try to be careful with anything I am about to post. I will think twice.. to be more sensitive with others’ feeling and avoid judgemental comments.

Anyway, I am fine with that friend now. We’re talking again, although I would understand if there is any different attitude towards me. I would understand if she might not want to share some personal stories or events with me anymore. I took my comeuppance. I was being bitchy on social media… And I almost lose a friend 😥.

So, have you had any social media phenomenon?

Week 11. Music of my heart.

I always love Alanis Morissette, as I’ve said in this post. However, I don’t really listen to music anymore. House chores, busy toddler, and other important stuffs to think about, made me enjoy less music. 

I still listen to music sometimes during my afternoon or morning run. I even made a special list for jogging. But lately, I don’t know why, I don’t enjoy them as much anymore. Maybe because at first my earphones didn’t work really well so I found the sounds disturbing.

So, I try reciting dzikr when I run now. According to this site, a good run should be aerobic. An indicator of an aerobic run is that you breath normally during run, not too fast not too slow, you can even have a small chit chat with your buddy. As I always run alone, I tried reciting dzikr to make sure I am not out of breath. If I can’t recite properly, means I run too fast, thus anaerobic, hehe. Dzikr has constant pace and same words, so it’s pretty helpful for me.

I am trying to make dzikr as the music of my heart. Indeed, it also helps when I have trouble sleeping. Instead of counting sheeps, dzikr would work better and faster. Probably it has the same function for yogini who recites mantra that helps them concentrate.