Week 12. Social media phenomenon.

Unlike my husband who avoids any kind of interactions through social media (he only uses instant messaging applications), I am quite an active social media users. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although active only on those apps, I engage pretty regularly in socmeds. Not that I post everyday, though, haha… I enjoy the likes and comments, the loves, and the attentions. Of course 😁. Plus, I love how we can stay connected with our loved ones, old friends, though we’re far away.

However, thanks to my old fashioned hubby, we limit times for gadget at home. Part of it because we want K to have screen time as less as possible. Then, it’s good for us to have a more quality time together, too. When we go out, we don’t check gadget for every five minutes. Another reason why we don’t really have many pictures together as we tend to enjoy the moment rather than posting it to the socmed. Have you seen people dining in and not looking at each other but staring at phones instead? Then they talk when they want to take selfie or wefie, hehe. I have.. thousand times. And we definitely don’t want to be those kind. 

Sometimes I find socmed annoying, too, especially during the leader election in which people updated their political and religious rants. I actually deleted and unfollowed some annoying friends because of this. I can stand people who updated their not-so-impressive life for every an hour or the cringeworthy photos, but not those who mumbled on politics and become judgemental to the opponents. Hey, I could be one of them, you know, haha.

Really, if you have something to say, please be careful. I know it seems that we have more freedom of speech nowadays but I guess if it might be too sensitive for other people, be mindful. I also have my lesson learnt. I had a bad experience on socmed I become very careful now before posting any protests or negative comments.

So, once upon a time, for a week in a row I attended several sip and see parties thrown by parents who just had baby (we call it aqiqah, here). Apparently, the current trend in my city is to provide pretty and artsy dessert table full of sweets, cookies, and cakes in an event. Just like the usual sugar bars in western weddings or birthdays. However, different to my experience in other places, the dessert tables here were only meant for decoration instead for feeding. There was even a sign to warn guests not to select and sample the cutie stuffs at the instagram friendly table.

At a friend’s house… I, being the logic person who thought food served on the table were supposed to be freely tasted by guests, took a cake and enjoyed it. My friend, the party thrower, gave a surprise look but didn’t say anything. I found out about the sign later when I was about to leave, when i heard a child asked for a cookie on it and the mom said “No, see the sign, we can eat other cakes, okay?”. I thought, o my God…hahaha. I just ate one. No wonder the table was still full…haha.

All right. Until… I posted my opinion about the weird phenomena of acehneses’ not-for-guests-dessert table on facebook three days after I attended the last sip and see party (I didn’t mention any names, just general). I didn’t mean to hurt my friend’s feeling, of course, but i guessed she was irritated by the status. She left comments on it, but then the status became crowded with negative comments, by my other friends unmutual with this particular friend of mine, towards the unusual dessert table’s function 😅. Honestly, I am very much in accordance with the comments 😂… but I also realized that I was being insensitive to my dear friend, she’s one of my closest friends in high school. I didn’t want to loose a friend, so I quickly deleted the post (to avoid more negative and sarcastic comments coming) and sent her a sorry message. She didn’t reply, indicating she was hurt, for sure.
From there on, I try to be careful with anything I am about to post. I will think twice.. to be more sensitive with others’ feeling and avoid judgemental comments.

Anyway, I am fine with that friend now. We’re talking again, although I would understand if there is any different attitude towards me. I would understand if she might not want to share some personal stories or events with me anymore. I took my comeuppance. I was being bitchy on social media… And I almost lose a friend 😥.

So, have you had any social media phenomenon?