Week 34. Meet my pets.

I decided to jump to the current week of 2017. Haha… I have to admit that I fail the 52 blog challenge 😥😥. 

So… week 34.

I don’t have any pet. I don’t like pet of any kind. Not that I am heartless. It’s just I had bad experience with pet.

We had a cat at home when I was little. I was very close with the cat I would sleep with the cute little creature. We were always together. Until… It scratched my back when I was having breakfast. 

Dog? I am afraid of dog. Haha. Our family had a dog before and I was fine with it. Not after the exhausting experience I had with dogs. I was walking in front of my school when I saw a group of dogs sitting peacefully in the school’s yard. I thought they would do no harm. I was super wrong. They started barking as I stepped onto the school’s gate and chased me. I spontaneously ran and ran and ran away. They were so close I thought I would die. Then I suddenly stopped because I was very tired. I gave up and kneeled down. Surprisingly the dogs also stopped. Maybe they thought I was going to pick some stones, I wasn’t sure. A teacher came out from a classroom and saved me. It was during non school hours btw, that was why nobody noticed I was being chased.

So, yeah… I always try to avoid dog as possible as I can. The phobia had reduced a bit when I lived in Australia where dogs are very common in the street. But to have it as a pet? No, thanks.