Week 2. My favourite things.

I am on my way back to Banda Aceh. Have half an hour before boarding, so I thought I follow up my 52 week blog challenge, which was inspired by Britt’s Daily Dose and her friend.

So week two… My fave things!!

1. Alanis Morissette 😍😍.

My all time fave female artist.

I started listening to Alanis in 1995 when Jagged Little Pill was very popular. Head over feet, hands in my pocket, you learn, perfect… I love all songs in the album. My sister got the cassette (yeah, that was still the cassette era 😄) from her boyfriend and I got the privilege to play it, of course, plus memorize all the lyrics. I started buying and collecting Alanis’ CDs in high school. That was when Under Rug Swept was out and Hands Clean was on every music charts. Since then, I have the So called chaos, feast on scraps, flavors of entanglement, and havoc and bright lights. I even rebought Jagged little pill and supposed former infatuation junkie.  

What I love most about Alanis is her lyrics. Of course I didn’t have any idea what the lyrics were about when I was younger, but as I passed my teen years, I had quite a connection with her lyrics. I felt like she spoke of my life like she had experienced it before (I know I know, this is exaggerating 😆, but…). I also enriched my english vocabularies and phrases through her lyrics. I would look in the dictionary for the meaning of words or phrases I didn’t know. I always think that Alanis uses language in interesting and unusual ways, very innovative. Including stuffs she writes in her blog, too. I’ll quote her to express how I feel about my favourite female artist 😍.

Expressed women shall lead all cavalries to the truth and the narrow of life. And if not that, they will warm you with their velvet voices and soulful cries. And if not that, they will make you think. And feel. And surrender. And if not that, they will make you weep for their beauty. 

2. Melbourne.

I probably spent most of my time in Melbourne, here in Sydney Rd. From biking to uni, walking to the park, shopping groceries, taking trams to everywhere, or just hanging out at beautiful cafes in the surrounding.

I like Melbourne. I was 11 yo when I first went to the city. My dad studied there and we lived in Melbourne for two years. I had nice memories of life in there, despite the fact that I was bullied a lot in primary school. Since our return to Indonesia, I had always wished to go back.

I had the opportunity to live again in Melbourne for graduate school. Same as before, for two years. I love the city. I love the crowds in Swanston st, in the Fed square. I love the tranquil beaches in the outskirt area of Victoria. I love the large pedestrian way everywhere. I love the beautiful parks which you can find almost anywhere. I especially love my neighbourhood in Moreland, Coburg 😄. Again… I enjoyed Melbourne so much I want to go back and live there for the third time. Maybe for a PhD??  😁. Ameen to that.

3. Lasagne.

Imho, the best lasagne is the ones with classic italian sauce ‘succo pomodoro fatta in casa’ 😍

Lasagne is absolutely delicious. But the best lasagne I’ve ever eaten was the ones made by mia mamma Italiana and by Adriana, my chaperone during my AFS experience in Italy. They made it with succo di pomodoro, italian classic tomato sauce, using different kind of cheeses. I’ve tried lasagne in different places but I just can’t compare them with mamma’s or Adriana’s lasagne. They’re just too good that imagining them right now made me salivating.

I think I have to ask them for the special recipe. Uhm, that never crossed in my mind before, haha. Uh well, I don’t really cook…so, yeah… Maybe I just have to save up some money to go back to Sardegna :).


It’s boarding time. Week 2 is done 😁.

Week 1. Meet my best friend(s).

According to thisΒ definition, a best friend is

A person who you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust and someone in whom you confide.

Uhm… This is a challenge since I don’t know if I have any best friend currently. Sad, I know πŸ˜‚.

I had several best friends during my childhood and teenage. I remember hanging out all the time after school with Ira in primary school. We always walked home together. My house was further than hers so I would stop a little and ask a glass of water before I continued my journey… Well, a journey to my house that can be reached within 5 more minutes πŸ˜„. We spent times doing school projects, skipping rubber rope, playing jump-hop-jump, or just talking. We didn’t have much problems to whine at the time, so I guess our conversations were generally about friends at school, teachers, homework, those kinda stuff. I can’t even remember if I had a crush at that age.

I moved to Melbourne when I was in grade 6. Ira and I exchanged letters sometimes, but we stopped writing each other by the time we entered junior high school. You know, school was getting busier. You had new friends. I guess from that on, we were no longer best friend. We’re still friends until now, though. Just not best friend.

My best friend during my difficult time in Melbourne was Qiaoyan. She’s Chinese. I spoke no English at the time… And got bullied all the time because of that, of course. So, Qiaoyan was the only kind and helpful person. But then, I entered different high school that made communication no longer regular. Plus, not long after that, I had to return home, to Indonesia. I’ve never heard from Qiaoyan again ever since.

In junior high, I began to gang up…haha. I mean, I tend to have a group of close friends. In the third year, we had a gang of eight people; Kinta, Eka, Reni, Agung, Johan, Khadafi, Puput, and me. We were partners both in crimes and non crimes. Mostly in non crimes, really, since the girls were mostly momma’s kids with great grade πŸ˜„.

Our friendship faded away as we went on with lives. Kinta, Johan, Khadafi, Agung moved to Jakarta. Reni and Puput went to different school. Eka and I were in the same school but different classes. I was in a special class that applied tight schedule full day, so I didn’t really have time to hang out with other kids from other classes. So, yes… new best friends were from the same class. We were called D’Six. There were six of us at first, plus two additions later on, but the nick name remains. Other students also identified D’Six as Devil Six…haha. These are friends I attached more than any others. Even until now, they’re the ones I hang out with.

However… I rarely talk about personal stuff to my group of close friends. We only meet once a month, for about circa 2-3 hours max, so you wouldn’t wanna mess up with the so-called ‘curhat’. You tend to share some nice stories, catching up with their news and all that. I have fun with them. I value them more than any other friends. But I guess I am not very confident when it comes to sharing feelings to them.


Friends forever :). Six of us, minus two others who couldn’t make it to the monthly meet up.

The only person I can fully trust, and I am confide with, is my husband. To him, I can fully be myself. He knows how an asshole I can be sometimes, he knows how wise I can be all the time (yeah right πŸ˜‡), he even feels and knows what to do when I am on my moodiest mode. I tell him (almost) everything. So… Maybe I can say that my husband is my true best friend. I don’t even know who to go to if I have problems with this man, hehe. Oh wait, he’s my best friend. I can just straight away point it out at him 😍.


My best friend. Through thick and thin. Till jannah, amien.

52 week blog challenge

I have always wanted to practice writing. One of the reasons why I blog. But, as you can see, there’s not so many posts we can read in here, haha…

I have decided to make my commitment to making a blogpost regularly. As I know the daily post challenge wouldn’t work for me, I found this idea of posting 52 blogposts interesting. I have faith that this will keep me on track for the next 52 weeks.

The challenge was started by Britt’s Daily Dose and her friend. You can join, too. Just post the below banner and link their blogs in your post.

I’ll write on week one very very soon 😍.

Olah sampah di rumah

Niat untuk menerapkan olah sampah ramah lingkungan sudah ada sejak lama. Dulu, saat sekolah di Melbourne, memang sudah ‘terpaksa’ pilah sampah organik dan non organik, kemudian ditempatkan ke wadah berbeda juga. Kalau tong sampah bercampur, local council akan kirim surat teguran ke rumah. Males kan… Hehe. Kenyataannya, ga susah juga sih pilih-pilih sampah. Saya pun bukan yang tipe environmentalist kayak teman saya yang sampai mencuci bersih sampah anorganik seperti botol-botol bekas, baik plastik atau kaca. Keren yaaa… Kuliahnya di bidang lingkungan sih, harus begitu 😄.

Nah, sepulang sekolah, saya tinggal di rumah orangtua yang tidak menerapkan prinsip 3R dalam pengelolaan sampahnya. Agak susah yaa… Masa kita aja yang pilih-pilih terus ujung-ujungnya dicampur lagi. Haha, sebenarnya ini alasan 😚.

Kami baru mulai memilah sampah lagi saat sudah tinggal di rumah sendiri. Termasuk baru-baru ini kami mencoba membuat takakura untuk sampah organik rumah tangga. Jadi, di rumah, ada 3 wadah; takakura untuk sampah organik (sisa sayur, buah, nasi, sisa makanan), kardus untuk sampah anorganik (botol, kaca, kertas, plastik), dan tong sampah untuk sampah selain keduanya kayak sisa makanan atau sampah dapur dari hewan (tulang ikan, sisa pesiang udang, dll), tisu (hehe.. masih nakal nih).

Takakura, komposter sederhana. Cocok untuk keluarga kecil atau anak kos 😄

Wadah untuk sampah anorganik, akan diambil pengumpul sampah daur ulang.

Takakura sudah jelas ya, output nya kompos. Saat ini, takakura kita belum matang, masih diisi terus tiap hari dan baru setengah penuh. So far so good sih sepertinya. Bagian bawah keranjang cukup hangat yang menandakan terjadinya pengomposan. Sampah juga tidak bau, bau tanah biasa saja. Bagian atas agak berjamur, mungkin karena saya masukkan sampah nasi. Sudah saya aduk-aduk supaya lebih merata dan bercampur tanah lagi. Doakan semoga kompos saya bagus ya :D.

Salah satu referensi saya membuat takakura ada di blog ini. Banyak sih sebenarnya, termasuk video di YouTube kalau masih bingung sama penjelasan artikel. Agak beda dengan takakura yang di blog itu, takakura saya pakai kardus bukan plastik hitam. Trus, bantal sekam saya dimasukkan ke kantong kanvas tipis bekas, bukan tas jaring. Soalnya cukup susah cari tas jaring atau kain jaring disini. Jadi yasudahlah memanfaatkan yang ada di rumah saja. Yang penting fungsi bantal sekam bisa tetap optimal, yaitu menjaga kelembapan.

Mencari sekam juga susah-susah gampang disini. Saya tanya ke banyak tempat nursery tanaman, pada ga jual. Ke TPS 3R juga tidak ada. Akhirnya, kita jalan-jalan ke pabrik olah padi di daerah Lam Ateuk, ada sekam segunung bisa diambil gratis. Tentu kita hanya mengambil satu goni untuk stok. Itu pun belum habis sampai sekarang. Sekam, selain untuk bantal sekam bisa ditabur sesekali ke campuran sampah supaya tidak terlalu basah.

Prinsip keranjang takakura. Pics taken from here.

Kalau sampah anorganik, rencananya akan kita beri ke pengumpul sampah daur ulang. Paling dekat dengan rumah saya, ada pengumpul di Hutan Kota BNI atau di cluster pengumpul di daerah Baet, Kajhu. Kalau tinggal di daerah Ulee Lheue, ada TPS Lambung yang punya Bank Sampah. Idealnya sampah dibersihkan dulu ya, tapi kita belum nih. Next rubbish goal lah ya, haha…

Usaha kita mengolah sampah memang belum optimal. Secara kasar, 30% sampah rumah tangga kami masih berujung ke TPS karena tidak tahu mau diapakan. Plus, meskipun saya sudah menghindar penggunaan plastik dengan memakai recycle bag, masih ada saja plastik kecil-kecil bawaan dari belanjaan kecil-kecil yang ga terduga. Suami saya juga nih, masih ngeles kalau kita butuh plastik untuk buang sampah 😎😥. 

PR nih, mengurangi penggunaan plastik. 

Tapi, setidaknya kami sudah memulai. Saya ingin anak-anak saya nantinya sudah merubah paradigma pengelolaan sampah, yaa.. ada perbaikan lah di generasi mendatang. Manfaatnya juga lumayan. Tong sampah tidak bau. Kompos bisa untuk tanam-tanam (project selanjutnya ini, greening the house 😇).

Smiling wife.

Inspired by a blog I read (can’t remember which), I challenged myself to smile more often to my beloved husband. Not that I usually cranky, but just to smile more. Smile brings positive vibes and certainly makes people (and ourselves) happy, too. Right?

So.. I started looking for something I can remember to make me smile. It’s harder for me to smile when I’m tired or not in the good mood. I thought I have to think of something funny so I can maintain the smiling monalisa.

This is weird, but my ‘excuse’ to laugh is to think about my husband’s ex girlfriend, hahaha. Well, he had never actually told me about her. All I know is that she’s 14 older than him. I know they were in serious relationship, though. I once found a book from her for my husband (it has some pretty words with her sign on it). That was when I first knew her full name and straight away googled her, haha… (I know my husband doesn’t read this blog, maybe someday but who cares 😚). She’s beautiful, maybe even prettier than me in terms of physical appearance and the way she took care of her glowing skin and all that. No wonder, a young man would fall in love with her. But strangely I don’t envy her. Instead, I thought it’s funny how my husband could be in a relationship with such a mature woman. I imagined, had they been together now… They would look like mom and son, hehe. Am I evil or what?? But, everytime I think of it, I laughed so hard. Sometimes I laughed harder because I think I am too crazy to think of something like that. 

Anyway, the smiling challenge works well. I smile more often. I always smile when I look at him. I smile when we talk. I smile when I tell him to help around. I smile when he helps around the house. He felt more appreciated. He felt loved. And a lot of times, the smiles bring not only positive vibe but more intimate moment. We’re a couple who love cuddling already, but with that smiling therapy… We stop by each other more often just to hug or to simply look at each other’s face.

We want to continue doing this.

Oh… He doesn’t know, though, sometimes I smile for all the wrong reason, hahaha. 

Menjadi ibu


Duh, saya tidak bisa tidur. Blog walking dari tadi, sampai akhirnya scrolling blog favorit saya saat ini Tripping Mom. Saya jadi ingin curhat 😅.


K itu males sekolah. Kalo ditanya mau sekolah atau tidak, jawabannya pasti tidak. Tapi ya, kalo diantar ke sekolah, dia juga tidak menolak sebenarnya. Hanya sewaktu-waktu saja K benar-benar menolak dan menangis. Kadang-kadang, dia juga memikirkan modus supaya tidak ke sekolah. Menunda mandi, kemudian mandi yang lama, makan yang lama, sampai to the point bilang tidak mau sekolah.

Saya tentu galau. Hati kecil saya berkata, memang seharusnya bocah seumuran ini nempel sama saya. Entah buat main atau apa lah. Anak ini dititip ke saya, bukan ke Bunda Sita, Bunda Farah, atau Bunda Yuni, di sekolah 😂. Saya tidak anti toddler ke sekolah sih. Alasan saya menitipkan K di PAUD juga karena merasa saya butuh me time, dan percayalah in my case that means working part time in the field I am interested in. Saya juga berpikir, toh disana K cuma main-main, tidak dipaksa belajar. Plus, kalo K sedang tidak mau sekolah, hampir selalu saya biarkan dia di rumah. Saya merelakan waktu kerja saya di pagi hari dan menemani K. Meski harus dikompensasi dengan lembur di malam hari, yang mana sudah kurang work juga untuk saya. Entah sejak melahirkan atau sejak menginjak kepala tiga… Saya gampang ngantuk dan tidak konsentrasi bekerja tengah malam. Walaupun kalau terpaksa, beda lagi ceritanya, hihiii…

Belakangan, modus tidak mau sekolah ini semakin sering. Seringkali, malah muncul di saat saya harus bertemu orang atau menyelesaikan pekerjaan bersama Tim. Bawa K saat kerja itu bukan pilihan karena pasti tidak efektif dan efisien. Akhirnya, terpaksa dititip ke sekolah. Kemudian… Lihat anak nangis, galau lagi 😥. Apalagi kalau baca tulisan soal fitrah anak dan ibu. Ya Allah, pahala saya sesederhana menjaga dan merawat anak dan suami. Pahala nulis laporan juga cuma sekelebat, masa saya mau tukar pahala bersama anak saya dengan ini?

Maka… Bulan Februari ini, saya bertekad. K tidak sekolah lagi. Mudah-mudahan istiqamah. Saya mulai bikin jadwal aktivitas anak nih. Pekerjaan saya sedang tidak banyak juga sekarang. Mungkin saya akan pertimbangkan ambil satu project yang bergaji oke saja. Kalau pun harus lembur tidak berlarut-larut. Tidak terlalu sibuk business trip seperti tahun lalu…hehe. Karim akan kembali ke sekolah saat dia siap. Siapa tau saya malah bisa homeschooling K ya 😇.

Semoga Allah memudahkan niat baik saya. Amin. 

Celoteh Karim

Lagi jalan sore berdua sama abi.

K : Bunda itu istri abi ya?

A : iya.

K : oo, istri Karim mana?

A : belum ada. Nanti udah besar insha Allah ada istri Karim.

K : ga mau. Istri Karim abi aja.

Entah apa yang ada di pikirannya soal istri, hihihiiii…..


Menjelang tidur. Bunda lagi bacain cerita Usman bin Affan yang dermawan dan suka bersedekah. Karim, seperti biasa tidur sambil pegang kuda-kudaan kesayangannya.

B : sedekah itu kalo kita kasih harta kita untuk orang lain. Kasih duit, kasih makanan, beri pertolongan. Mau Karim sedekah. 

K : mauuu… Sedekah disayang Allah.

B : alhamdulillah, anak Bunda nanti sering sedekah ya.

K : iyaaa…

B : kalo besok Karim kasih kuda ni untuk bang Fathan, mau?

K : *Diam* Ga mauuu… Ga boleh.

B : jeh, katanya mau sedekah. 

K : *sembunyiin kuda di bawah bantal*. Sedekah yang lain aja.

Hahahaha… Sifat dasar manusia ya, sedekah barang yang kita sayang susahnya minta ampun.